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I love reading books. Entire books. I rarely read abstracts, “blinks” or similar. Sometimes I read blogs and individual articles or essays. But nothing lets me dive into a topic and explore ideas like a book. Here’s a list of books that have had a lasting impact on my journey through life. Thanks to the authors for sharing their stories and wisdom with us.

Four thousand weeks
Stolen Focus
Coach the Person, not the Problem
Navigating Polarities
The Practice of Groundedness
The Earned Life
Living Untethered
The Authentic Life
Dopamine Nation
The More of Less
Finding Ultra
At Home in the Muddy Water
The War of Art
Eat & Run
The Untethered Soul
You Are Here
Nowhere Near First
Sane New World
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
How to Sit
Man's Search for Meaning
A Random Walk Down Wall Street
Comfort Crisis
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