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About me

Hi, I’m Christoph Ruedt. I work as a coach for entrepreneurs and leaders. Since 2014, I’ve been running my corporate communication advisory boutique, located in the heart of Zurich.

You can also find information about the different stations of my professional life on my LinkedIn profile. If people take the time to send a short personal note with their contact request, I’m usually happy to connect online.


Here’s a very rough overview of what’s happened in my life so far:


  • 1978 - Born in Basel, Switzerland

  • 1994 - First email address via Compuserve (if you remember, you’re officially old)

  • 1998 - Bought an electric guitar, learnt two chords, started a punk band

  • 1999 - Check-in at University of Zurich

  • 2000 - Met my now-wife

  • 2001 - Corporate communications internship at Scholz & Friends in Berlin

  • 2002 - Started as a corporate communications editor at AXA Insurance

  • 2005 - Graduated with a M.A. in communication science, business management and IT

  • 2005 - Started as a research assistant at the Chair of Marketing at University of Zurich

  • 2007 - Finished my Ph.D. in marketing

  • 2007 - Crossed the channel to London as the UK MD of an internet startup

  • 2008 - Went back into corporate communications at Deloitte UK

  • 2009 - Tied the knot and put a ring on it

  • 2010 - Back in Zurich. joined UBS as a communications manager and spokesperson

  • 2011 - Became a dad; twice at once

  • 2014 - Started my own business with Ruedt Communication Consulting

  • 2018 - Became one of those plant eaters I used to make fun of

  • 2022 - Started my MAS in coaching at the Institute for Applied Psychology at ZHAW, build up my coaching practice


I’m a: dad, husband, trail runner, friend, coffee afficionado, coach, student, communications professional, guitar and bass player, book worm, entrepreneur, consultant, brother, son, cook, songwriter, godparent, plant eater, writer, athlete, rollercoaster sceptic, listener, concert-goer, hiker, wordsmith, inconstant meditator, story teller


I love reading and there’s a good chance that I will share my latest book tip when we meet. Here you can find a collection of books that made a lasting impact on me.

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