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This page is inspired by Derek Sivers’ idea of a personal web page that answers the question of “What am I up to right now?” (as first seen on Steve Schlafman’s website 


  • Gearing up for my upcoming education in change management and organisational development at ZHAW University of Applied Science

  • Deepening my understanding of the "Internal Family Systems" approach (working with inner parts) by taking part in the IFS Institute's Online Circle programme

  • Expanding my coaching practice

  • Experimenting with sharing my thoughts on coaching-related topics via short videos on LinkedIn

  • Promoting the Superheroes Team Workshop format, which I developed with a friend (reactions from participants are very encouraging)

  • Reading Ellen Langer's book "The Mindful Body" to learn about the interplay between mind and body (or, rather, why the two really aren't separate things to begin with)

  • Continuing my writing practice and sticking to my schedule of posting one blog post every month

  • Recovering from my 100k race and exploring ways of how to keep my ITBS (runner's knee) at bay

Updated 12 June 2024

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